Daniel Teruggi

born 1952 in Argentinia

Born in Argentina in 1952, he has developed his professional career in France, where he lives since 1977. Composer and researcher, he works since 1981 at Ina (National Audiovisual Institute) in Paris. He has been the Director of Ina's Musical Research Group, GRM, since 1997 and Director or the Research and Experimentation department of Ina since 2001.

In the Research domain, he has been actively working on the preservation of audiovisual collections and particularly electroacoustic music. He has been the coordinator of the FP6 European project PrestoSpace, dedicated to the development of new technology for Digital preservation and the FP7 European project PrestoPRIME, dedicated to the long-term preservation of audiovisual digital contents. He is member of the Europeana project and Foundation and head of the Preservation and Migration commission at the International Federation of Audiovisual Archives (FIAT/IFTA).

He has composed nearly 80 works, mainly for the concert and always using electroacoustic devices with or without acoustic instruments. He is the author of numerous research articles related to sound and musical perception as well as musical analysis. His music has been performed in more than 30 countries and published in different CD collections. He is founding member of the International Electroacoustic Musical Studies network.

PhD in Art and Technology at the University of Paris VIII, Daniel Teruggi, has developed an important educational activity at the Sorbonne University or as visiting professor in Hertfordshire (GB), guest professor at the TU Berlin and Universidad 3 de Febrero (Arg).